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At Houghfold Associates we provide a range of services to help inform, guide, and support your business. Whether as a user of security solutions or as a supplier wishing to connect with customers, government and with other industries.

We work with Best-of-Breed supplier but also work with small highly innovative and effective companies.

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“A friend in need…..” . As a customer we will give you affordable honest, straight and impartial advice, on your security plans and issues. As a supplier we will support your endeavours to connect more fully with the market and provide a range of business service to enhance your products, relationships and performance in implementation.

  1. Advice – Advice on demand
  2. Mate – A friend when you need it.
  3. Eye – And an eye on the market.


Building an accurate and comprehensive directory of suppliers, technologies and market influencers to support you planning.

  1. Identify stakeholders.
  2. Explain markets.
  3. Target opportunities.


You live and thrive by your plans, so why not validate and reality-check our thinking and approach. While you can:

  1. Analyse and sense-check plans and planning assumptions.
  2. Help establish good governance and structure programmes.
  3. Help repair and close-down failing projects minimising organisational and reputational fall-out.

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